Can You Eat Asparagus Raw?

Asparagus is a delicious vegetable packed full of nutrients that unfortunately gets a little bit of a bad reputation. This reputation comes from the idea that asparagus can be a little tricky to cook, and it can often go wrong. The result of overcooked asparagus is that it’s rubbery and difficult to chew, and on top of that, it becomes bitter.

Asparagus is a delicate veggie, but if you cook it well, then it is absolutely delicious. If you aren’t too sure if you enjoy cooked asparagus or aren’t successful when you try and cook it, you probably still want to add all those nutrients to your diet. This is why you are wondering if you can eat it raw!

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Asparagus Raw?

You can eat asparagus raw. It provides you with a whole lot of goodness and fibre. It might even be better for you raw than it is cooked. Try them dipped into eggs as soldiers or shaved into salads and slaw.

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What Does Asparagus Raw Taste Like?

Asparagus, whether cooked or raw, has a pretty distinctive flavour that has just a hint of bitterness. This is why they can end up being too bitter if you overcook them. Overcooking brings out this bitter flavour, and it can end up overpowering. When you eat asparagus spears raw, you may find that the bitterness is a little milder although the texture can be tough to get through. It is worth giving it a go for the number of health benefits asparagus can give you.

How to Eat Asparagus Raw

Raw asparagus can be a little tough to eat. But, if you aren’t a fan, then there are plenty of ways you can eat them to make them delicious. If you slice them thinly, then the texture becomes a little easier to eat, and it can be a lovely snack all on its own.

Dip Them Like Soldiers

A great way of eating raw asparagus is to make yourself some great dips and dip the spears in for a delicious snack. You can even use them as a great alternative to toast to dip into a boiled egg – delicious and great for you! Boil an egg, so it’s soft and gooey in the middle, slice the top off and dip your raw asparagus into the cooked egg, much like you would with toast soldiers.

Asparagus Soldiers Egg

Shave into Salads or Coleslaws

You can always thinly slice asparagus into salads and coleslaw. Simply use a vegetable peeler to create long, thin ribbons of asparagus.

Benefits of Eating Asparagus Raw

Asparagus has a vast amount of benefits. Whether you eat them raw or cooked, you will benefit from their goodness. There are some thoughts that the cooking process can remove some of the nutrients which does mean that raw asparagus may even be able to give you a few extra nutrients than the cooked version will.

The best way to make sure you are getting everything you can from asparagus is to add a little of both cooked and raw asparagus to your diet. You can then benefit from some great health benefits, including improving your digestion, lots of fibre, and even some protein. On top of this, they are full of vitamins and also act as an antioxidant. These are all great reasons to ensure you get some extra asparagus into your diet.

What Countries Eat Asparagus Raw?

China actually has one of the largest consumption of raw asparagus in the world. Still, asparagus is becoming more and more popular as veggie in general, mostly due to the health benefits becoming more well known worldwide.

Raw asparagus is yet to take on in most of the world, but if you love raw vegetables, there is no reason not to add asparagus to your selection.

Should You Eat Asparagus Raw?

Ethically and from a health point of view, there is absolutely no reason not to eat your asparagus raw if you want to. You may even get a few extra health benefits because the cooking process does leach a few of the nutrients out of the veg. It’s best to buy asparagus when it is in season which is between February and June. If you really want the best asparagus, the best time to buy it is in April. This is when the asparagus season is at its peak, and the veggies will be most delicious.

Other Questions about Eating Asparagus Raw

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Will Urine Still Smell with Raw Asparagus?

The strange phenomenon that affects many people who eat asparagus will still affect you whether the asparagus is cooked or left raw, unfortunately. This is one of the weird, unfortunate but perfect safe side effects of eating asparagus.