Can You Eat Baby Corn Raw?

Corn is one of those delicious veggies that are versatile. You can eat them in so many ways! On the cob, off the cob, boiled, steamed or even barbequed and slathered in butter! Did you know that there are two varieties of corn? The type you are probably most used to seeing is yellow corn. This is most often the type you can buy in cans, frozen or on the cob. Baby corn is a much smaller, more delicate and sweeter version of corn on the cob, and they are a delectable treat.

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Baby Corn Raw?

You can eat baby corn raw. It is important to distinguish between the two varieties because the more traditional corn on the cob known as yellow corn isn’t suitable for eating raw at all. However, baby corn is delicious raw and makes a fantastic snack or as part of a meal, whether you cook it or eat it raw.

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What Does Baby Corn Raw Taste Like?

The best baby corn is a pale yellow colour, almost a slightly yellowy white and if you bite into it, it should have a lovely crisp texture with just enough give to make it easy to bite into and eat. Taste-wise it’s sweet but not quite as sweet as corn on the cob and it has a much milder flavour than its larger cousin.

How to Eat Baby Corn Raw

Eating raw baby corn is easy! You can take it right out of the fridge and wash it to ensure any sprays and dirt are washed off and bite right into it. In fact, it makes a lovely treat for a snack that is low in calorie and healthy too. Far better for you than reaching for a chocolate bar or high-calorie treat if you get a little hungry.

But if you want to try something a little different with your raw baby corn then give these a go:

Replace Your Tortillas

One of the best ways to snack on corn is to use it instead of tortilla chips as part of a dip. Load up on your favourite dips and use the corn to dip and eat. Delicious and much lower in calories and fat – the perfect snack for the health-conscious. It’s lower in calories too!

Eat Baby Corn Raw Dips

Chop into Salads

Another great way to add some raw baby corn to your diet is to pop it into a salad. Chopped up it adds a lovely crunch to your salad’s texture and a new depth of flavour.

Benefits of Eating Baby Corn Raw

Baby corn is packed with fibre, and it is low in calorie. This makes it perfect as part of a healthy and balanced diet. The fibre in it helps keep your digestive system healthy, and it also includes a whole bunch of nutrients such as calcium, zinc, iron and b vitamins.

Another benefit of baby corn is that it contains folate, perfect for the early stages of pregnancy.

For those following a low carb lifestyle, the great news is that baby corn is much lower in carbs than its larger relative.

Whether or not baby corn is better for you raw or cooked, the jury is still out, but some schools of thought state that some cooking processes and methods can take a little of the goodness out of veggies. Boiling is one of these methods, so with this in mind, it is a good idea to add a few raw baby corn to your diet. To make sure you are getting as much health benefit as you can from this delicious vegetable.

What Countries Eat Baby Corn Raw?

Baby corn isn’t as popular as it should be! Although it is gaining in popularity in some parts of the world. Unfortunately, it can be not easy to get hold of. In the States, it’s harder to find than in the UK and Europe, but it can be found in some produce sections. Here in the UK, it is much more common, and most supermarkets will sell it.

Much of the worlds baby corn is actually grown in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, and it is perfect for adding to dishes that originate from these cultures.

Should You Eat Baby Corn Raw?

Baby corn is delicious, it’s good for you, and it is versatile. For this reason, if you can find it, then you should definitely eat raw baby corn! There is no reason we can find that you shouldn’t eat it at all.

Other Questions about Eating Baby Corn Raw

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Can You Eat Corn on the Cob Raw?

Much like baby corn, corn on the cob can also be eaten raw. It’s great for adding texture and crunch to a dish whilst being packed full of nutrients and goodness. It’s delicious, good for you and without any risk.