Can You Eat Brown Avocado?

Avocado has had some impressive gains in popularity in recent years with it being a popular fruit to add to salads and meals (yes, avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable). It is even common to eat avocado on toast! This delicious fruit is high in all the fats that are good for you and they are also packed full of nutrients too, There is little to dislike about avocado but one problem people do struggle with is that they can go brown very easily.

This is down to an oxidisation process that takes place. The same happens to apples and the fruits turn brown when exposed to air. This is because the flesh of the avocado contains compounds and enzymes that have a chemical reaction to oxygen. It might seem like the avocado is spoiling but this isn’t the case.

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Brown Avocado?

You can eat brown avocado if the cause of the discolouration is oxidation. This is usually the case if you have left your avocado cut open and exposes. If the avocado has browned but also started to go mouldy then you will need to throw it out.

It would take quite a while for any brown avocado to spoil purely from this oxidisation process. By this time you would have likely already noticed the avocado spoiling anyway!

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What Does Brown Avocado Taste Like?

Brown avocado might seem unappetising but there really is nothing wrong with it. However, this oxidisation process does change the taste and the texture of the avocado slightly.

If you are eating brown avocado then you might notice that the taste is a little more bitter than you are used to and the flesh is a little softer, a bit like the texture of a very ripe avocado.

How to Eat Brown Avocado

If you don’t like the idea of eating brown avocado why not take a look at these few ideas on how to get the most out of your avocado, even if it is a little brown.

Mash It Into Your Homemade Sauces

If you don’t want to see the avocado once it has turned brown then you can hide it in your sauces. Mash it up so that it is soft and fluffy and then stir it into your sauces as they cook, This will add a slightly oily texture to the sauce but it also adds creaminess and a lot of nutrition. On top of this, you are also ensuring you aren’t wasting food. Win, win all round!

Turn Brown Avocado Into Dips

Why not take your oxidised avocado and turn it into a delicious hummus? By the time you have processed the avocado and flavoured it, you won’t even remember that it was brown to start with. Then you can add vegetables or crisps as a dip or add it as a side sauce to your meal.

Turn It Into Smashed Avocado

Smashed avocado is everyone’s favourite toast topping and you can use brown avocado, Mash up the avocado and then give it a mix. The colour of the avocado won’t be the same but it will still be delicious. You can even add it into a sandwich or jacket potato as a filling or pop it onto the side of your plate when you have a salad.

If you’re that worried about the colour, then mash up some green chilli and herbs in a pestle and mortar and mix with your avocado to revive some of the green colour.

Benefits of Eating Brown Avocado

The main benefit of eating brown avocado is that you are not wasting food unnecessarily. It is such a shame that so much of our food is wasted because we don’t like the look of it. This is the same for veggies that are not perfectly shaped and it counts for brown avocado too.

Aside from this, there is no real benefit to waiting until your avocado is oxidised and started to go brown.

What Countries Eat Brown Avocado?

Avocados originate in Mexico and it is likely that many countries are aware that brown avocado is absolutely fine to eat. Avocados have now taken the western world by storm and are available all year round in our supermarkets. Whilst it is still too common for many of us to throw out brown avocado because we assume it has spoilt when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Should You Eat Brown Avocado?

Yes, you absolutely should eat brown avocado!

We can think of no reason not to and every reason why you should. If you were to throw out the brown avocado you would simply be wasting nutritious food that was perfectly safe to eat. This is such a waste of food but it is also a waste of your money. Avocado is not a cheap option when it comes to fruits and vegetables so make the most of your money and the nutritious avocado in your fridge.

Be warned, however, that you should only eat brown avocado if it has turned this way through oxidation – much like how an apple turns brown if left exposed to the air. If you think you avocado has spoiled and gone mouldy then you will need to throw it out.

Other Questions about Eating Brown Avocado

Below are some other questions people often ask when it comes to eating brown avocado. If you do find yourself with further questions, however, then please do ask in the comments area at the bottom of this page:

Can You Eat Avocado Skin?

You can eat avocado skin… But you probably don’t want to. It is full of good stuff but the texture is quite tough making it unenjoyable to eat. We would stick to the creamy flesh instead.

Can You Eat Avocado Skin

Can You Eat Avocado Stones?

It may come as a surprise, but eating avocado stones was a bit of a fad for a while. People were peeling, dicing and blending avocado stones to squeeze out as much goodness as possible. With very little scientific research into the benefits and dangers of eating the stones, we would strongly advise just sticking to the flesh instead.

Can You Eat Avocado Warm?

You can eat avocado cold, raw, warm and even cooked. Although often served cold in salads and on toast, you can actually throw slices of it into a griddle pan to give it charr marks. This might seem odd at first if you’ve never had it cooked but it’s delicious.