Can You Eat Cauliflower Raw?

Cauliflower is a popular veggie to have as a side dish but it has other uses and some of these are becoming more popular. Using cauliflower to make cauliflower rice is a delicious way to cut down on your carbs and add in some extra nutrition into your diet. But we already know that you can cook cauliflower what we really want to talk about is whether or not you can eat cauliflower raw.

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Cauliflower Raw?

You can eat cauliflower raw. It makes a great snack and can be added to your food for extra texture and nutrition. It might even be slightly better for you when raw than it would be cooked. This is because boiling and cooking can leach out some of the nutrients.

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What Does Raw Cauliflower Taste Like?

When you eat your cauliflower raw it has a different taste to cooked cauliflower. It still has hints of the flavour you would expect but with an added peppery flavour. The biggest difference you would notice is with the texture. Raw cauliflower is very crunchy to bite into and all of this helps to add a fresh taste to the overall experience.

How to Eat Cauliflower Raw

It can be difficult to find different ways to eat vegetables at the best of times so adding in some extra raw cauliflower can only help your diet. Here are a few of our ideas on how you can eat your cauliflower raw.

Dip It Into Hummus

Raw cauliflower is absolutely delicious when dipped into hummus. The taste of the hummus complements the flavours and textures of raw cauliflower perfectly. So grab yourself some cauliflower and hummus and eat them as a snack or add them to your packed lunch to add in some extra nutrition at lunchtime.

Eat Raw Cauliflower Hummus

If you are not a fan of hummus then you can substitute it with any of your favourite dips. Why not try it with some sweet chilli or garlic mayo instead? You could also try throwing in a handful of raw cauliflower when making your own batch of hummus.

Add Raw Cauliflower to Your Coleslaw

Coleslaw is made with raw cabbage so why not add some other ingredients too? Grate in some raw cauliflower to provide extra texture and depth of flavour. This can make the coleslaw a little different in texture than you might be used to but it is worth it for the extra nutrition you get from the cauliflower.

Make an Alternative Salad

If you are getting bored with your same old salad then mix it up by making an alternative salad. Chop up some raw cauliflower and broccoli and then mix in your favourite salad ingredients and dressing. This is a delicious meal to eat and you can vary it by adding different flavours and ingredients every day.

Use Raw Cauliflower as a Topping

Grate some cauliflower over a salad to add flavour nutrition and some extra nutrients. You could even grate cauliflower over bolognese. If you want to get really adventurous you could even pop it on your pizza! Think of it a little like adding a herb or spice to a meal. It is milder in flavour but when grated up small feels very much like adding any other type of seasoning to your meal.

Benefits of Eating Raw Cauliflower

Cauliflower is high in nutrition, vitamins and minerals and whilst this is true if you cook the cauliflower, you get so many more nutrients if you eat it raw. The cooking process, especially if you like to boil your veg, can actually leach some of these nutrients out of the vegetable as it cooks.

Steaming your veg is a little better for you but to truly get the most benefit from you cauliflower you should add some raw cauliflower to your diet on occasion.

Should You Eat Raw Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is completely safe to eat, it even has some added health benefits with regards to the amount of nutrition you get. So, you should definitely be adding in some raw cauliflower to your diet.

Although we would encourage you to eat some cauliflower raw you should also keep on cooking up some and eating it with your main meal too. This gives you even more vitamins and minerals but there also some enzymes that activate when you cook it. To get the most out of your cauliflower, you can eat the leaves and eat a little of the vegetable part itself both raw and cooked.

Other Questions about Eating Cauliflower Raw

Below are some other questions people often ask when it comes to eating raw cauliflower. If you do find yourself with further questions, however, then please do ask in the comments area at the bottom of this page:

Can You Eat Broccoli Raw?

If you can eat cauliflower raw then can you also eat broccoli raw? Yes, you can eat broccoli raw in much the same way. We’ve actually written a dedicated article all about eating broccoli raw which is worth checking out.

Can You Eat Cauliflower Leaves?

It’s often discarded by home cooks but what a mistake to make. You can eat cauliflower leaves. They are packed full of flavour and nutrients… And why would you throw something out when it is perfectly edible. Roast them up in the oven, boil them with the rest of the florets or even try them raw in salad, finely sliced.

Can You Eat Cauliflower Leaves