Can You Eat Celery Leaves?

There is an odd thing that most of us do when it comes to vegetables and salad, we tend to throw away the best part! This is down to a mixture of tradition and just cooking and eating in the way our parents did, and they are just eating and cooking in the way their parents did!

Luckily, we can now start to buck those trends and stop wasting parts of plants that are completely edible and delicious. So, you must be wondering whether or not this is true for celery leaves too. Can you eat celery leaves?

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Celery Leaves?

You can eat celery leaves and they absolutely should be eaten! The most nutrition and flavour is in the leaf of these plants. You can add them to your salads or sprinkle them over like a herb to add flavour.

Celery is a fab food that is very low in calories but has some amazing nutrition contained in its stalks and leaves. If you are looking for a low calories source of calcium, potassium and vitamin C then celery is the answer. It contains all of these and more and yes you can eat the leaves!

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What Do Celery Leaves Taste Like?

Celery leaves are a little more bitter than the stalk which is likely the reason that generations have discarded them in favour of the milder tasting stalks. This is a waste and as long as you use the celery leaves carefully, the bitterness can be overcome, and you might even love it. You will especially learn to love the taste when you realise just how good for you these leaves are.

How to Eat Celery Leaves

You might be wondering what on earth you can do with your celery leaves! Well don’t worry, we have a few ideas.

Add Celery Leaves to a Salad

The most obvious use for celery leaves is as an extra leafy green to add to your salad. Mix up your usual salad with your favourite leaves, chop up some celery stalk and then mix a few celery leaves through the salad too. Then you can either add a protein to make the salad into a meal or use as a side salad for your main meal in the evening.

Use a Herb

Chop up your celery leaves finely because they are a fairly fibrous plant and then use in a similar way you would fresh parsley. Sprinkle some over your pasta when it is cooked or over some soup to add some delicious fresh flavour to the meal.

Celery works well with eggs, the bitter flavour complementing the eggs. So, pop some chopped celery leaves into your omelette or scramble some eggs with celery leaves for breakfast.

Make Celery Soup

Soups are fantastic and easy meals that can be cooked up in bulk and frozen and stored in portions for quick and easy lunches throughout the week. You can make a delicious celery leaf soup. Cook them with some veggies and chicken and then puree for a delicious soup with a distinctive flavour and aroma.

Eat Celery Soup

Make a Celery Leaf Pesto

Why not substitute your usual pesto ingredients with celery leaves? Chop up the leaves finely then add oil, pine nuts and cheese and mix up to make a pesto with a difference. Perfect as a side sauce or added to pasta.

Have a Healthy Green Smoothie

Celery leaves can be added to a smoothie or a juice for a healthy breakfast drink that ensures you get all your nutrition early in the day. Add celery leaves to your usual ingredients before you blend or juice and then drink it when it’s fresh. They might add a little bitterness but you can always add in some extra fruits to compensate for this.

Benefits of Eating Celery Leaves

We’ll let you into a secret, the leaves from celery are the best part. This is where most of the nutrition is and they are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals. Celery leaves contain antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation and with a whole host of vitamins contained in the leaves you are benefiting from iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

Celery leaves can also help to neutralise any acidic foods due to them containing alkaline minerals such as magnesium and iron. On top of this, they are low on the Glycemic index which means your blood sugars shouldn’t peak and drop too much. The celery will release it’s energy slowly and steadily. Perfect to keep you going until its time for your next meal.

Should You Eat Celery Leaves?

Yes, you should definitely be eating celery leaves. They may taste a little more bitter than the stalks but it’s worth it to reduce your food waste and for all the extra nutrition you get from the leaves.

Other Questions about Eating Celery Leaves

Below are some other questions people often ask when it comes to eating celery leaves. If you do find yourself with further questions, however, then please do ask in the comments area at the bottom of this page:

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Is It Safe to Eat Celery Leaves?

We would recommend simply washing the leaves like you would any salad leaves but the actual leaves are perfectly safe to eat.