Can You Eat Eggshells?

Most of us are well aware that eggs are good for you. They are the perfect meal, full of nutrition and tasty too. One thing we don’t tend to stop and consider is the eggshells. We quickly dispose of them and forget about them but what if this part of the egg also has a use! Can you eat eggshells?

The Quick Answer

Can You Eat Eggshells?

It might be surprising but yes you can eat eggshells! When ground up into a powder these can be a great source of calcium. Just be careful to boil the shells first to avoid consuming any harmful bacteria.

Now you know the surprising truth, you’ll probably want to know a little more about eggshells and how to go about eating them.

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What Do Eggshells Taste Like?

Eggshells don’t have a great deal of flavour to them. There may some mild eggy or earthy flavour but this will be minimal. It’s unlikely you would ever even notice the taste as you wouldn’t want to munch on shells whole. You should always grind them into a powder first to use as a supplement rather than a food themselves.

How to Eat Eggshells

Eggshells are eaten as a calcium supplement which means you might assume they don’t have many uses! This couldn’t be further from the truth! Eggshells can be used in all sorts of recipes, take a look at these ideas.

Use Eggshell Powder in Your Baking

You can add a little extra nutrition to your baking by sprinkling a teaspoon in when you bake. This works brilliantly in any flour-based baking such as making bread or pizza. You could try and sprinkle some into your sweet treats too.

Add Eggshell Powder to Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are already fantastic for getting some extra vitamins into your diet. You can also add some extra calcium too by adding a teaspoon of eggshell powder into the mix before blending. You won’t notice the taste and this can help ensure you get enough calcium in your diet.

Mix Eggshell Powder Into Sauces

Whenever you eat a meal with a lot of sauce you can add a little eggshell powder too. By the time the meal has been cooked no one will even notice that it contains some extra calcium because you won’t taste it! Bolognese, pasta bakes, gravies and sauces can all have a teaspoon of eggshell powder added.

Benefits of Eating Eggshells

Eggshells have a surprising property and benefit that few people are aware of. They are mostly made up of calcium carbonate!  There is also a little protein and organic compounds in the eggshell but the amounts of these are negligible.

It is the calcium that is the most beneficial to you. Studies suggest that there is a greater absorption of calcium in the eggshells when compares to other sources of calcium supplement.

The result of this is that eating eggshells ground into a fine powder may be good for your bones and help with osteoporosis and even your joint health.

Should You Eat Eggshells?

Whilst eggshells may be good for you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care when doing so. You should never eat whole eggshells or fragments of eggshell. The edges of eggshells are extremely sharp and can damage your mouth, tongue and throat.

If they end up sharp and jagged in your stomach and digestive system this could end up being very painful. Always grind up eggshells into a fine powder first and where possible buy from your health store as a supplement.

Another thing to watch when it comes to eating eggshells is bacteria. Eggs are a natural animal product which does mean there is the potential for bacteria and contamination. To avoid getting food poisoning make sure you use eggshells from eggs that have been boiled.

You can also boil up any eggshells before drying them out and grinding them into a powder.

As long as you are happy to ensure you are safe with eggshells and grind them up into a powder and take all necessary care with bacteria and contamination then yes you should eat your eggshells. They are a great source of calcium and this helps to reduce your food waste.

If you don’t have the time or the equipment to deal with the eggshells safely then you should avoid eating them and throw them into your compost heap instead.

Other Questions about Eating Eggshells

Below are some other questions people often ask when it comes to eating eggshells. If you do find yourself with further questions, however, then please do ask in the comments area at the bottom of this page:

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

Dogs can eat eggshells but they should be boiled to soften them a little. The sharp, jagged edges of crushed eggshells can be painful in the stomach as they may not be broken down instantly.

Can Stomach Acid Dissolve Eggshells?

Stomach acid will dissolve eggshells but that won’t stop it from being uncomfortable to eat. Instead, grind eggs shells into a powder before consuming to make it far easier to enjoy.